Blue Belle Cake and Pink Heart Cookies

Blue cake. Rosette frosting. Single layer. Cake for two people. Pink heart shaped cookies with mini red hearts. 

I took Lila to a flower garden. She enjoyed it. She loved smelling the flowers. She chased butterflies. I sat down on a bench and watched her run around. I took pictures of her without her knowing. I am definitely making an album of our adventures. 


A man sat down next to me and at the same time, a young girl appeared and stood next to Lila. I watched as they interacted with each other. "The girl with auburn hair is my daughter." The man said. "She is very pretty." I said. "Thank you. What is a lovely young woman doing here all alone?" He said. I laughed. It was not a bitter laugh or a happy laugh. It just seemed like the right reaction at the time. 


"I'm not alone. I am with my daughter. Her name is Lila and she has black hair." I said. "Lila is so cute." He said as he watched my daughter running around with his daughter. "Thank you." I said. I wanted to ask him where his wife is, but I'm afraid that will be a difficult topic to talk about. We stayed silent for a few minutes before he inquired about my husband. 


"We had a nasty divorce, because he never cared about the welfare of our child. He just cared about money and hanging out with his friends. He started calling me names and I could not take it anymore. My child is more important to me than having a husband who calls me names." I said. 


"I'm sorry. I did not realize that it was a difficult topic to talk about. It was very insensitive of me." He said. "It is fine. I wanted to inquire about your wife." I said. 


"My wife is in therapy. She had abusive parents. Her self esteem is very low." He said. "She should not have low self confidence. She should believe in herself. I know nothing about her life, but I have a feeling that she is an amazing person." I said. 


"She raised her daughter by herself until I married her. I helped her raise her daughter. I told her that she did an amazing job raising her daughter by herself. However, her parents criticized her over everything that she could have done better." He said. 


I invited him to a bakery nearby. It is a very great bakery for children. There are so many cute desserts. 


I ordered a blue rosette cake for two people. He ordered five pink heart cookies. We all shared the cookies. He ate one cookie. His daughter ate one cookie. He gave me two cookies. One is for me and the other one is for Lila. He saved a cookie for his wife. 


He gave me his number and told me that he has to go pick up his wife from therapy. I smiled and went home. I told Lila that we could eat the cake after dinner. Lila nodded. 

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