Pearl, Blue, and Flower Cupcake

Big cupcake that has blue frosting. There are tiny pearls sprinkled all over the frosting. There is a white flower on top. Perfect for two people. The blue frosting is sky blue which is very beautiful.


Lila sat down in the dining room. It is evening and Lila just finished eating her dinner. She is very excited to try the cupcake from a new cupcake shop. It is big and two people could eat it. I cute the cupcake in half and put one slice on a paper plate. Lila helped me get the spoons. Lila got the small spoon and I got the big spoon. 


Lila is a very happy girl eating cake. She is six years old and her birthday was three weeks ago. She said that the cake was amazing. We live in a cabin that is not too far from my bakery. She loves the adventure. On our way to our bakery, she saw a new cupcake shop and she was excited to try it. I promised her that I would get her cupcakes when we get home. 


I close early on Saturdays so I could spend time with my daughter. "How is it?" I said. "Good." Lila said. "Better than mine?" I said. "No. Yours are way better." Lila said. She is buttering me up. She wants something. 


"Ok. What do you want?" I said. "To talk to dad." Lila said. "Your dad does not love you, sweetie. I know you are hurting inside, but he is not someone to we can rely on. I do not want you to get hurt." I said.


"What if he changed? You will never know until you give him a chance." Lila said. She stormed off into her room. I sighed. Children are the smartest people you will ever meet. I sighed and finished the rest of the cupcake. 


Sometimes I wonder what went wrong in my life. 


I sobbed into my knees and thought about every moment with my husband. He had so much interest in me during the first few years together. And then he started calling me names. He hurt me so much during the last couple months before our divorce. 

I will make Lila a cupcake or a small cake to cheer her up. I will try to talk to my ex-husband. 

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