Piano Cake

White cake with piano keys spiraling up to a mini piano. There is a man and a woman sitting at the piano. 


A young man came in to my bakery. He was a person of character, rather mysterious. He wore a trench coat and a fedora hat. However, he is the sweetest. He came to pick up his cake. A piano cake. It is his one month anniversary with his wife. He found his true love when he was performing at a local restaurant. She loved his performance. She was a pianist like him too. 


On their first date, he took her to a fancy restaurant and sang a song for her while playing the piano. She loved the song. After many dates together, they married each other. He proposed to her with a piano cake. However, the cake was much smaller than the one for their anniversary. The proposal cake was white and had piano keys all around it. On the cake written was: marry me? It was written in red. 


All of my customers know how much I love stories. They often have sweet and romantic stories. I gave him his cake. "Piano cake just the way you want it." I said. "Thank you. My wife will love it." He said. I gave him a smile. He went out the door and I thought about my love life. No one really like me like me except for my ex-husband whom I divorced. (That is a whole other story that I don't want to talk about yet). That is why I enjoy creating cakes for people. Some people just really crave cake so they don't have a story. They are the funniest. 

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