Romantic Cake

White cake with red flowers on top. There are tiny pearls in the center of the flowers. There is a picture of a couple in the center of it all. It is a single layer cake for a wedding anniversary. 


A man ordered a custom made cake. He came in to pick it up. Lila was observing the man. "He looks like dad." Lila said. I looked at him a little closer and noticed that he does look like dad. 


"I will call your dad and ask him to come over so you could talk to him." I said. Lila's eyes sparkled. I smiled. I love that sparkle in her eyes. They make me so happy. 


The man paid and then he left a little tip. I put the tip in my pocket. Lila helped with new customers coming. She told them about the cookies and cupcakes in case they do not know what to order. "We also have cake pops, cookies, cupcakes, and candies. And many more sweets. Mom made the candies with love. Everything will taste good." Lila said. 


The customers laughed and so they will order everything from the menu. A young couple with two young kids ordered mini slices of our classic chocolate cake. The kids wanted brownies. I put two brownies in a brown bag. "That's it. Thank you." The couple said. Their kids sat down at a table for four and they excitedly ate their brownies. 


A young girl ordered two cookies. The cookies were pink butterflies with orange polka dots. She paid and then ran out the door to show her mommy the cookies. I smiled on the inside. 


An old man wanted a mini vanilla cake. He paid and then ate the cake on a bench. 


The day went by very fast. Time to go home and call my ex-husband. Lila was sitting on the couch when I dialed his number into my home phone. I was pacing back and forth in the living room. 


"Hey." He said after I tried three times. "Hey." I said. My brain was frozen. I forgot what I was going to say. I really don't want to do this. But I told Lila that I will call him.


"Your daughter really wants to see you and talk to you. Do you think you can come over on Friday or on the weekend?" I said. I think I said it really fast. "Sure. I will come on Friday. I cannot wait to talk to our daughter." He said. "Thank you." I said. He hung up.


"He said yes. He is coming over on Friday." I said. "Yay! I have to pick out an outfit to wear!" Lila said. I laughed. She sounded like a teen version of me. I did a happy dance once Lila is in her room. 


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