Roses and Pearls

Light blue with white flowers and pearls. The pearls are the bottom and it is surrounding the cake. There are eight flowers all around with pearls in the center of each and every flower. 


There was a seventeen year old girl walking by my bakery. The pink walls and sign caught her attention. She opened the door in excitement. She asked for a customized cake. She wanted a light blue cake with roses and pearls. The flowers caught her attention. She wanted her cake to have more than one flower. I put eight flowers on the cake. She was very happy when I gave her her cake. She is a cute girl.


She loves to read and she absolutely loves flowers. Every since she was a little girl, she loved flowers. She wants to be a baker and she enjoys baking cakes. She made a mini unicorn for herself. I smiled. I love it when people say they want to be bakers. I give them tips on how to bake and they always make me cakes. My daughter loves to bake alongside with me. She is a cute, little baker. 

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