You Are A Flower Cake

A small multilayered cake. First layer is white and gold striped. Two gold stripes and one white stripe. Second layer is a plain white layer with mini black hearts. The third layer is white and has a pink flower on it. There are a lot of petals on the flower.


It is my daughter's birthday today. Her name is Lila. She is the sweetest kid ever. She has the biggest heart and she is my assistant baker in the kitchen. 


Lila sat at the dining table with a huge smile on her face. Just like any child, she loves cake. After a bitter divorce from my husband, I opened up a cake shop. Lila was distracted with decorating cake and tasting my cake batter. Then my husband has the audacity to show up at my door. He begged me to let him see his daughter.


I told him that he lost his chance to see his daughter a few months ago. Lila learned about his visit. She inquired me several times about daddy showing up at her birthday party. I do not know what to say. Her dad never cared about her. I am just concerned about her emotions. Her dad has been gone most of her life. She only knew him when she was a toddler and then he disappeared forever. 


Kids started arriving. Lila smiled and showed the huge bouncy castle outside in the backyard. I smiled as I watched Lila play with her friends. Parents stayed in the living room. Abby, my best friend, greeted me. "Hello, Jasmine. Let me see that cake you made for her." Abby said. "We got to see the cake first." Jenna chimed in. 


"Of course. What is a party without a little cake preview?" I said. That caused everyone to laugh. I brought the cake out from the fridge. I took it out of the cake box and everyone gasped. "That is a beautiful cake." Abby said. "Thank you. I try my best to make a very nice cake." I said.


"I'm envious of you right now." John said. John is my close friend. We have been friends since preschool. I laughed. "Told you to take baking class." I said. "Hey! I would have been the only guy there. And as you know I'm a ladies' man." John said. 


"Shut up! John!" Abby said while laughing. We laughed very hard and reminsced our childhood until it was time to cut the cake. The children were anxious to get their cake. 


Lila got the first piece and she asked for a picture. She wanted to keep memories of her birthdays. I smiled and took a picture. Then the rest of children got cake. 


"You make beautiful cakes and they taste good." Abby said in my ears. "Gross! Do not have food in your mouth and speak in my ears!" I said. Everyone laughed and the day was over. Everyone went home and Lila was very happy. She forgot about daddy. 

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Comments (2)

  1. roe

    Is this a true story?

    July 20, 2017
    1. mermaidjosie

      It’s not a true story. It is a fictional story about a baker and her kid. I’m very sorry. I should’ve made that clear.

      July 20, 2017