You Are Cute Cake

A white cake that has polka dots all over. The polka dots are orange and pink. Those are Lila's favorite colors. It is a small cake that is only for one person. 


It is morning. I woke up earlier than Lila so I have time to bake my small cake for her. I looked out the window. It was cloudy. It looks like it is going to rain. I grabbed a sweater from my room and I went back to the kitchen. The small cake is done. 


Lila woke up and she asked for breakfast. I made her hash browns and pancakes. Hash browns and pancakes are Lila's comfort food. I presented the plate of pancakes and hash browns to Lila. Her eyes sparkled. I smiled at her innocence. 


I remember the days when a simple hash brown made me so happy. Lila quickly ate her hash browns and then she devoured her pancakes. I almost laughed at the funny way she eats her pancakes. 


On Sundays, the bakery is closed. I like to go out for an adventure with Lila. 


"Do you want dessert?" I said. I grabbed the cake that I hid from her. I put it on the dining table and I grabbed a spoon for Lila to enjoy. Her eyes sparkled at the sight of the cake. Her favorite colors are on the cake. 


She took time to eat the cake. "Are you up for an adventure?" I said. "It is very cloudy. I don't want to go anywhere." Lila said. "Do you want to try on your new raincoat?" I said. It is a pink raincoat with a light pink flower on the bottom left. Lila nodded. I grabbed her raincoat and she tried it on. 


"It is very warm. I guess we can go on an adventure." Lila said. Lila grabbed her transparent backpack which has unicorns all over it. The unicorns are purple. She put her toys in it and then she put it on. I got her that backpack for her birthday. It is a small backpack for traveling. I felt bad for not buying her a backpack for adventures. So I went online and found the cutest transparent backpack ever. Lila was so happy when she saw her new backpack. She brought it to a playdate with her best friend, Mia. 

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